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When we started Grains of Montana in 2004, we knew we had a good idea. But even we couldn’t have expected just how much folks would grow to love our breads and pastries. In fact, as word spread, we learned that we couldn’t keep up with our customer’s demands unless we were baking in our restaurants virtually 24 hours a day. That’s why, in November of 2008, we opened the doors to our 10,000 square foot baking facility in Billings, Montana. It boasts the latest in commercial proofers, ovens, mixers and other equipment, and has multiple bays expansive enough to accommodate the largest delivery vehicles.

We produce only artisan product, made from scratch without fillers or stabilizers, by people skilled in what they do best. Artisan baking is more labor intensive and time consuming, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. We use pre-ferments in all of our breads (a 12-hour process) and give every dough the time it needs to rise the old-fashioned way. This process gives our bread its hearty texture, naturally savory taste and homemade goodness.

“Our flour is made without bleaching or removing brans, creating a high-fiber, high-protein nutrient rich flour. You get the true home-baked wheat flour in our breads.”
Kyle Nielsen
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